Farewell to July ♥


I’m not in the mood to read any of my lectures for the prelims tomorrow, so I take some pictures.



Friday’s Homemade Special

This is NOT about food but purely love and priceless friendship.

I am clueless about what Friday has for it is always, as in always been special, even either positive or negative. Today is another one, I don’t know why I like rainy days though it puts me on melancholy, today it set my mood lighter. I have another great rainy day!

Though some of the things happened this day did not turn to be in my way, there are things we have to be thankful for, first of all is waking up. I  was awaken by the alarm of my cellular phone at 2am to unplugged it and to find out it was unplugged earlier, then I arrived school at 9am for pre- prelims exam and I’m not able to finish it, after that lunch, I heeded with a first year freak who ate with us and talk endlessly of nonsense thoughts which I don’t even bother to care and had some insinuation fights with some bitches. To think of it, it would be a bad day, but having my friends in the dining table for dinner out was refreshing.

They never fail to make my days really wonderful. We had so much fun, laughter, stories, pranks, jokes and of course FRIES, kidding aside! I know we’ll never been perfect and we’ll never had to be, we also had ups and downs, had fights, had different perspectives about life but considering the fact that we are here for each other, ready to face and understand who and what we are and leaving footprints on each others’ hearts I think will be more than enough.

And this people were another proof that schools were not always about flat grades but about endless learning not only on the disciplines but also in life. In life, there are phases that would determine our future lives, and the line always talks about “for richer or for poorer”, always. Think of this: It doesn’t matter how fast we get there what matters the most is we really know where we are going.

When it is unplanned..

Image My cute glow-in-the-dark head band ♥Image

Louigee, Brenda, Benedict, Nheslyn, me, Francis, Stephen and Jm ( July 6, 2012 )

I guess I should believe that some things are better to be unplanned. The night was really for us then.. we got there without bearing tickets for Yahoo OMG Awards but poof.. there came angels and gave us 6 tickets and then we got the 2 lower box tickets won by Joyse. I’m so happy that night, and I’m so sure that this memory will be staying in me for long:)