I went home around 9pm, came from jam’s house with my buddy Maki. We’ve done some group studies and the rest was girl’s time, we’ve talked, laughed and dreamed of some futures.This is what I really missed, what a stress reliever! Thanks girlfriends, till next time 🙂


This picture was from last week’s jamming session. When we made a CALL ME MAYBE cover.

My super girlfriends! â™¥


Dear Friends,

It’s been a week since we started another chapter of our lives, our 2nd year journey in college. I know, we all know how it felt to be so stressed, exhausted, worn out and tired. Major disciplines here, changing as the climate schedule there, new professors here, climbing to death for 4th floor rooms there and all those fucking strangers.

GEL : Beb I may not know how you are feeling when everything goes out away and when things turn out to be at worse but I just wanted you to at least know that I, we really care for you, so much. As much as possible please try to make sound decisions because your decisions are not gonna pass its consequences to nobody, but you. Not all things are going to be in our favor so don’t mess up, anyways whatever happens we’ll always be here by your side to make you feel happy.

JAM: We don’t have any “call sign” yet or any endearment but for sure in our hearts I know there would be a special place for me and same for you. Jam, I know you’re strong, really tough. You or we can be as evil as we want, we can be as soft and lame too. I must know that it is harder for you this time because you are working at the same time you have to at school but please make use all of your hidden strength to pursue your dreams, our dreams. There must be something better waiting for us in our horizon so we must strive harder and harder to get there. Remember what you taught me? HEART’S CLOSED, MIND’S ON!

JOYSE: The most beautiful and hilarious girl I’ve ever known! Seriously, I mean when you are happy no one will ever ask “Is she happy?”. You are always transparent, what we can see is all that we can get. I can’t say a word when you are in serious, as if you’ll gonna eat anyone who’ll try to disturb you. You are so dedicated at passionate in everything you’ll do, in love, in family and especially in studies so keep going, show them off your guts and remind them that you are not just anybody but a somebody.

MAKI: My so cool buddy. The ever patient one, the soul performer and the ideal girlfriend. To tell you honestly, you have grown a lot, from the timid lets-jamming girl on the very first day of college to the very-sexy-body lady today, kidding aside. What I really wanted to say is that, you know, you have level up at least one or two stage of being confident showing the world who you are and what you can be. You are more open now about how you feel and on what you are doing setting aside the fear of any rejections because you know we can be your strength. Please stay being the strength and weakness of us, please stay that way, the Maki we used to know and we will used to know more.

FRANCIS: You are super cool! Why? Sometimes you can be my “baby brother” at the same time my big brother. You’re always there when I need some SOS’ and stuff. I’m so touched in behalf of us, because without even telling you to do so, you still consider us being part of your decision making even in the private part of your life. Thank you for cracking up some pranks or jokes just to make us smile in midst of tensions and stress. Just by hearing your giggles could even make us laugh and more of your wits. Please be still, always be happy and show them what we’ve got, that we are not like any other peers, that we are one. And one more thing, please stop teasing me to … you know 🙂 just please let him satisfy my sight, OK? 😀

LOUIGEE, JO AND JM: I just want you three to know that our barkada will be somewhat incomplete without you three, of course! Just let us experience the joy of your companionship, the most waley jokes and the unexpected funny but useful insights of you three. Do not be afraid of sharing your stories and angst with us because if you wished it to be secret we will let it be, do not be afraid of judgements and rejections because we are you’re friends and most importantly, continue loving one another, yes bromance! And the eff they care what’s gross? At least you guys are responsible and sensitive enough about what your friends feel.

Thank you guys for letting me come into your wonderful lives, for sharing your stories, for all the experiences we’ve been through and for all the lessons we’ve learned together. I strongly hope we can all pass through all these struggles we are facing and guys, please let me treat you as my strength and my weakness. I love you all, all izz well. ♥

Summer was over!

At last summer has ended! And school days are coming again. I’m so excited yet really nervous on how things will work out. I really miss my girl friends so much, our bonding moments, our eat outs, everything! But of course I gotta get ready ‘cos my classes will start on Monday. I wish this semester would be fine and I am really hoping that I could pass my major subject. And for that i would have to study really hard. 🙂