18th of November 2014

My birthdays had not been the usual cakes and balloons but it always have some unlikeness. I like spending my day working. I am not the I’d-take-an-off-because-its-my-birthday person. I always loved moving and not keeping in place. Somehow, I am not at best, I’m quite messed up, I have traveled extreme ups and downs but I’m good. Really.

I have so much things to be thankful for my year. I may have a never-perfect family but still I have family, I may have a non-showy-of-love mother but she’s the best, I may have an over protective father but I love him, I may not have sweet and caring brothers but I have plenty of them just not blood related, I may be the only girl in the family but I have the most wonderful soul sisters. I may not be perfect but I have been so blessed of people around me.

Cliche it might sound but my life has been so wonderful to live this year. T’was neither all up nor all down–it’s worthwhile. Of course I would have to give all the credit to Almighty God that I’ve been living the life I wanted, that I can actually pursue my dreams, that I can extend my love for people who are dear to me, that I am forgiven and so I can forgive, that He has been with me all the way.

Reana, Sepo, Jervin, Sir Romy, Ma’am Jo, Ma’am Benny, Ma’am Aimee, Ma’am Jen, Ptr Dhon, Fr. Manny, Broom, Amboy, Ejay, Vhince, Coco, Benedict, Nheslyn, Maki, Gel, Aisaradet, Chayanee, A, Viancs, Joan, Hannah, Angelica, Janelle, JM, Koi, Ate Joan, Maye, Sarah, Ma, Pa and everyone who greeted and celebrated my birthday with me, my sincerest thank you. T’was indeed a happy birthday.