I love you, baby :)

Dear you,

First of all I wanna thank you for coming to my life, you are such a big blessing for me. I made this letter because I have neither courage nor right to tell these.

At first I’m much wondered why suddenly you drew far from us whom you called friends when at the first place you have even set a date for our anniversary so that every year we can always remember how our friendship started. I can’t stand for it so I made a move, we talked to asking what’s the problem then you stated it. We your “friends”, made an effort to help for your problem then it was solve. But as time goes by it seems like nothing’s changed since we tend to solve your problem and what’s really hurting is that you find another company in others than us. That thing was really hurting so I let you go on that because I think that’s what made you happier.

And then I felt something so unusual, so I told it to our friend and surprisingly she agreed, I guess I’m right 🙂 You made me fall for that guy, constantly teasing me with him, found a song that you said perfect for the two of us and then I end up to a conclusion that YOU are the one who really like him. It’s effing funny! Making me fall for the person you like, stupid baby. But I’m really sorry for causing you pain because you successfully did it! You made me fall for him and I was thinking of running away with this feeling because I knew  I’m not for him.

One day you blurted it out to me and saying “yeah, you’re all right”. You told me that you visited a fortune teller and she quoted that one of your friends will be mad of you because of this thing. I am the first person who’d came up to your mind so you hastily confessed me your secret. I was not that shocked because I knew I’d guess it right.

I don’t care what’s bothering with you and your same old friends whom you told that has betrayed your trust, what matters most is that you are happy enough to forgive them with all your heart and learning their given lessons that otherwise you’ll never learned. I am happy for you that you have the wonderful courage to tell him . I guess that I don’t really have since. 🙂

Good luck baby, I’m proud of you :*

Always, Laine


Pagsulat ng Sanaysay: 1st runner-up

Theme : Sa Kalikasang Deteryorado, Estudyante anong papel mo ?

Sa ating panahon ngayon, nauuso na at tila laganap ang ibat-ibang klaseng diskriminasyon, diskriminasyon batay sa lahi, sa kasarian, sa pamilyang pinanggalingan at sa kung anu-ano pang kadahilanan na nagiging sangkap upang ang ating kalikasan ay maging deteryorado. Pero paano nga ba natin matutukoy ang ating papel sa ating lipunan kung tayo ay estudyante pa lamang na umaasa sa kita at sahod ng ating mga magulang.

Paulit-ulit na nating naririnig ang kasabihang inusal ng ating pambansang bayani na si Jose Rizal “Ang kabataan ang pag-asa ng bayan” kaya sa ating henerasyon ngayon ay totoong binibigyang pansin ang edukasyon upang maging susi sa kaunlaran at pagkakaroon ng pag-asa sa ating bayan.

Estudyante ako at ano nga ba ang papel ko sa isang kalikasang deteryorado na aking kinalakhan at ginagalawan. Katulad ng lahat ng bagay, ang ating papel sa lipunan ay nagsisimula sa maliit . Ang simple at maayos nating pagtatapon ng ating kalat sa wastong tapunan, ang pagbibigay respeto sa ating mga guro at mga magulang, ito ay ilan lamang sa malaking bahagi na ating gagampanan upang kahit paano ay malunasan natin ang pagkadeteryorado ng ating kalikasan. Ang papel natin bilang estudyante na nakakatungtong sa gusali ng ating paaralan, nakakahawak ng lapis at papel ay hindi lamang natatapos sa pagsulat atpagbasa kailangan natin ng matamang simpatya sa ating lipunan at kalikasan. Hindi natin dapat isangkalan na tayo ay estudyante lamang at wala pang kakayahan. Mali ! Ang dapat nating gawin ay simulan ang pagbabago mula sa kaibuturan ng ating puso, mula sa ating sarili. Mang una tayo sa tamang gawi, isipin ang tama at huwag ang mali, makiisa sa mga adhika ng mga lokal na sangay ng gobyerno na iwasto ang ating tamang asal at gawa, bawasan ang magraklamo at makipag-argumento sa mga awtoridad dahil sila ay nagpapatupad lamang ng batas at obligasyon nilang hulihin ang mga nakikitang mali.

At panghuli, ang papel na ginagampanan natin bilang isang estudyante ay totoong maliit ngunit ang paggawa ng tama ay nagiging malaki kung tayo ay makahihikayat ng ating kapwa sa pamamagitan ng paggawa ng tama, tiyak na ang magiging resulta nito ay ang pag-unlad at pagbabago sa tinawag nating kalikasang deteryorado.





A month before my birthday

I’m turning seventeen a month from this day and something excites me.

As a teenaged girl who’s now on college I can’t really figure out what are my purpose why I am still living up to this age . I know there are plenty but how am I going to know what are those .

In the past sixteen years of my life I went through all of struggles, pain, heartaches, stress and hard works etc. I’ve learned to survive all of those and of course learning their lessons. I’ve also known different kind of people .. rude and kind, good and bad, sweet and insensitive, humble and proud, some left but there are also who stayed by my side. But whatever happens they are all part of me and they’ve made me for what and who I am now . Even they’ve hurt me in the past I’ve learn to forgive them. I also went through all the events in my life which helped me understand what life is all about and what it has for me.

Destiny is what we make it not what is meant for us..

Yes, I do believe in destiny but I knew we can never had our “destiny” if will not work on it. But all of us must be thankful to the Lord God Almighty, everyone would not be here because of Him . He’s the one and only reason for our existence. I’ve very thankful for what I have during my past sixteen years of my life and I will be more thankful for the coming years with my new set of people I’ve met and the people I have from the past.

My deepest thanks to my wonderful friends.





unwanted path

Being a bachelor of science in accountancy student is not what I really wanted .

My father had an unfinished business in his field and he wanted me to finished it for him. For me it’s some kinda scary , with all those arithmetic knowledge you must obtain before you can pass through it . And I must admit ,I’m not good in that . I’m more of linguistic  than logical  person . But for my father’s sake , I entered college enrolling for that course . . besides I don’t have any choice .. I am not financially capable to pursue my own dreams.

I was used to making and following my own decision since high school. I was  stubborn, I was rude , I’m used to follow what i want . I AM A BRAT.

Then all of a sudden I am seating in a mono block chair , in front of me was a  half yard table which was only made for ACCOUNTING students.

Why am I seating here ? I’m supposed to be somewhere else . Yet there’s no way to get back. I’m now here ,what’s the sense of running back ? It’s NONSENSE .

The reason behind this was all me . I wanted my father to be somewhat be proud of me . Yes , I want them to be proud of me, like any other children felt for their parents . I want to prove them that I deserve to be appreciated , I want to be someone in their eyes . I want all recognitions I can get from them because I never had it since.

As of today , I’m not really sure if they will be proud of me .I’m such a failure . I think ,  I’m not gonna pass my accounting1 . I guess this is not yet the time that I should demand for what I wanted. But I’m pretty sure, that I can surpass this .

For now , I will be continuing my course , either way its what I’ve decided . I’m gonna be a CPA  and what I wanted I can get it 🙂