High with Caffeine

I can never say that Accounting is my life instead I would have to compare my life to Accounting. Accounting is beyond any math, it was never about all of it. Same as my life, it’s beyond any smile; it was never about all of it either.

I’ve taken enough doses of caffeine last night that it deprived me hours of sleep, maybe because I drank too much soda. I woke up 2 am and to my luck I didn’t easily got back to sleep. So then my mind gone crazy thinking, thinking and thinking of things that would and might happen in the near future now that I changed course. A big part of it, I guess, would be in my bare hands. If I wanted good grades, I could study hard, if I wanted to be rich, I must save, if I wanted to be strong, I must cry at times, if I wanted to learn something, I would have to go through it and if I wanted to be the best, I must be good.

Sometimes being the best means being the least. Be good even after you made a mistake. Often times in our desire to be the best, we forgot being good.

-It takes a man and woman (translated)

My thoughts were always full. Sometimes I found myself asking: Doesn’t I get tired? Aren’t you worn out? Then I always ask back: Why can’t I just get tired to all of it? Why can’t I just stop? Funny, but I guess I was just being myself. The person who’ll never think of getting tired as long as it takes. The person who will never get tired of smiling to everyone. The person after being pissed, will just laugh and think that nothing just ever happen. And I long as I am happy, that as long as I can be happy, I will never get tired.