I was so excited today because one, I won tickets to advanced screening of a movie I truly love, the last sequel to The Hunger Games, Mockingjay Part 2. Two, to the adventures I will take because I am going alone and three, today was my twenty-first birthday eve.

I still went to office which I regret for one second because I was stuck two hours on traffic and numerous red lights but I still got in, just in time. I bought a burger (for my lunch and dinner) and hot chocolate from Starbucks (because my head was throbbing like hell). Inside the cinema, they (ETC) held a little program and gave away some prices, happy enough, I got one too!

The movie got me so terrified, as usual, and got me screaming and realized on the latter part that I was the only one screaming AF. Sorry for being such a spoiler for those who won’t read the book but yes, Prim died, right in front of Katniss Everdeen’s eyes and don’t worry you’ll never be alone on being emotional, I cried AAMOF. Anyway, the movie ended so soon, goosebumps were still there yet, teary-eyed and feeling all over. Ughh, gonna be missing this.

I walked towards the terminal and got to the bus immediately and me was like counting down minutes before tomorrow. Today, I was really happy probably, my day. Hopefully, the next day too, birthday!