It is Valentine’s Day and I am happy

“Thank you, God!”

I uttered as I walked home from a thank-goodness-non-cliche V-day date. I felt my heart becoming fluffy and light, thanks to the gentle rain this evening though. No, seriously.

I came from a nearby fast food after one frustrating exam on Taxation. I was on a planned date but with plus. I was with two more persons, since we’ve already planned this, on our V-day date table. In front of us was two orders of BFF fries, a choco mousse cake, soda & ice cream and bunchy stories. We have thrown each others our life views and accounts for several hours (if 5 hours could still be considered as several) I guess.

Aside from eating, I really enjoy talking a lot. Maybe because I am really loquacious plus I tend to express myself well through talking. And today I talked endless and restless yet I felt really, really happy. I can feel eyes sparkle every single time I listen to the stories laid on our table. And none of us seems to be bothered of the time because we have so much to tell. I really enjoyed tonight.

Thanks to Raymond, Ayra and Russel for giving me so much to remember this year’s Valentine’s day. xoxo.

10959754_840549929344966_9144171526688035153_n (2)


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