RE: Bus ride to never Home


Good News: I got my passport back!

Bad News: Not with my wallet and a month after I arrived Philippines.

After looking for my passport everywhere. After 4 days of no money.After that days of excruciating pain and endless worry of how will I get back without my passport. That whole night of crying because we’re gonna leave Thailand and we’ll be missing everyone, that heavy feeling upon entering Suvarnabhumi airport, that smile I tried to be real every time we take photo, that most quiet, awkward and disappointing taxi ride to Philippine embassy at Bangkok, the longest two hours or so of my life waiting for my travel document and having insufficient money for it and most of all the stress and dismay I caused to everyone especially DID officers of NU and of course Sir Parcero. After all the tears I’ve cried I got my passport back.

Though I would be so fake if I will say that I never expected my passport to be returned up to the last minute, at the back of my mind I knew it will never be back. And a loud hurray for that someone who found my passport and passport alone not with my wallet and cards. My passport was said to be surrendered to the police station and then to Office of Student Affairs of Naresuan University and at last to the hands of DID officers. Every person that I would talk to about this dilemma was imposing that no one will get it aside for us, Filipino buddies.Thinking of that makes me really sick, I mean who among us would do that? We are all friends there, in fact a family. I cannot think of anyone of us who would do that to me and I honestly don’t want to think that he/she was one of us.I know it really suck.


At least it has been returned to me. I asked one of my friends one day in Thailand, Aerolyn, “Why it have to be me, why it has to happen with me?” I know at any moment that time tears will fall then she answered, “Because God knows you will discover who are your friends through this, you will be assured that whatever happens to you we are here.” True enough what she said is true, they never really left me.

To Benedict, Nheslyn, Stephen, Reana Joy, Brenda, Arman, Broom, Jet;

To our buddies, Aisaradet, Chayanee, Supakorn, Karnwisa, Wimonrak, Chompunut, Sutida, Tawisa;

To my Ajarns, Sir Romy, P’Jeeb, P’Kob, P’Jo;

To Filipino buddies, Aero, Regine, Mich, Vierra, Tet, Ayra, Russel, Dayan, Ivy and Via.

To my moms, Ms. Johanna, Ms. Benny, Ms. Loida, Ms. Aimee, Ms. Jenyca;

And most especially my parents,

Allow me to offer sincerest thank you to all of you who have helped me get through this. I love you.



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