Bleed to my paper

ImageAs the pens started to conquer their papers, I mean, the other contestants, ideas came rushing out on me. The current was so strong, it caused flood, but still no words filled my white, lined paper. As if my pen was deprived of bleeding its own to my paper, the time is ticking, every pump of my heart seemed like felt by the pen saying “write!”. I was on that state almost 10 of the first minutes. I sat idly, I am on a poem-writing contest this time. I remember the last time I was exactly on this state, running out of words and thoughts was on my first year college. I received second place then. And this year, half-expected, I won the 3rd place. I did not bother to tell any of family, I was so scared to be hurt again for the same reason, non-recognition. I don’t have a copy of my piece but I’m sure its worth the read. Thank you God, for another award I received, that was for You.


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