I’ve been busy! :)

I guess this will be the highlight of my summer 2012, the first ever formal organization I joined, the KAISAKA. Seriously, I wasn’t expecting I would go this far, I never thought that the aftermath of being a volunteer scholar, under the program of a politician, would be this huge. Especially I’m thinking of myself as an outcast among them because I knew to myself that I am not supposed to be there. All of my colleagues are academic excellent, I am not saying I’m not, but the thing is there is a categorization. They are the one whose average grade is higher than 90 and unfortunately I only got 89, suppressing isn’t it? Even though, I knew I could also reach that, its just that I’m not able to got all of my class cards before the submission of the requirements, well whatever the reason was, the most important thing is that I am here now. But still I wanted to prove everyone of them that I can be on the “yellow” category of scholars.

“Old friends are being cherished while making something to cherish with the new ones.”

Under all of the things running on my mind, I still end up finding myself in this anew environment with new set of friends, new set of people I’ve known because of the scholarship program. Of course at first, I was hesitant to join them but seeing myself here was such a blessing. Not only on the financial benefits that I’m receiving but the things I’ve learned during the short period of time spent with them. Learning would not limit on the four corners of our school classrooms, yes, you might be genius but the most important things in life are experienced from the outside. Things that you’ll learn with those person who you chose to teach you about life beyond walls and those person will define on how much you have learned the entire time you are with those person. On how you place ourselves in a crowd, not only for the essence of standing out, but how you treat people the way you want to be treated.

Learning has no boundaries and it’s unlimited.

That is why we must expose ourselves to the reality of life because the most important things in life may never be thought by the books we read and lessons our teachers said.



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