Is it good to be back?

It’s been months since I wrote here and there’s a lot of stories to be told, anyways I’m not going to tell all those.

It’s summer! A very hot summer.

I finished my first year of college but I left my dreams behind. I did not comply to the quota grade for my major subjects so I have to retake them this coming academic year.

Some of my block mates made into it. They strive so hard for them to cope for the needed range of grade. Me, myself witnessed how they burnt their eyebrows, how they suffer on those sleepless nights doing all home works and projects and stressful they become reviewing on their exams. And then in a single examination all of their hardships were wasted. Only few passed on that most significant exam, the qualifying examination.

All of us became weary to hear the news that only 3 among my block mates passed, it’s truly heart breaking. Though I wasn’t in their shoes to describe how painful it was for them but I can really feel how hard it is.

Today, maybe some had recovered from it but still the wounds of the past may not heal too soon, they’ll have to study over again from the start and take the validating exam. Yes, it’s hard and would take so much time and effort to pass but the one who pursues hard on it is the one who’ll get it!

I wish they can get it the second try around and I wish I could get it too through the simplest formula I know: MIND OVER MATTER. =)


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