Never make any decisions when you’re angry and never make promises when you’re happy .

I must consider this philosophy of mine wise because it truly applies and sometimes we would only realize when the result of what we’ve done were wrong. Either being angry or happy is a state of mind, these emotions is a matter of choice. You can be happy if you want at the same time you can be angry it will only depend on you and you alone not on any circumstances.

Decision making is a thing which we don’t realize that we are already in it. Even after waking up we have to make decision if we’ll gonna rise up the bed or go to sleep a minute more. And it is important to have a composed mind to be able to make a sound decision. We could not make a sound decision when we are under control of fierce emotions. Same as making promises which are often believed to be broken. We should not take advantage of being happy just to be believed that we’re gonna make up for our promises. Sometimes its better not to make an oath to do something, its best when we are making it not for the sake of promises.

This philosophy is my own belief and its not from any other reasons. I made this to be my guide for my daily living and for me to be reminded of how important my decisions are and that it will affect my lie. And making promise for me is a measure for my dignity and personality.


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