I love you, baby :)

Dear you,

First of all I wanna thank you for coming to my life, you are such a big blessing for me. I made this letter because I have neither courage nor right to tell these.

At first I’m much wondered why suddenly you drew far from us whom you called friends when at the first place you have even set a date for our anniversary so that every year we can always remember how our friendship started. I can’t stand for it so I made a move, we talked to asking what’s the problem then you stated it. We your “friends”, made an effort to help for your problem then it was solve. But as time goes by it seems like nothing’s changed since we tend to solve your problem and what’s really hurting is that you find another company in others than us. That thing was really hurting so I let you go on that because I think that’s what made you happier.

And then I felt something so unusual, so I told it to our friend and surprisingly she agreed, I guess I’m right 🙂 You made me fall for that guy, constantly teasing me with him, found a song that you said perfect for the two of us and then I end up to a conclusion that YOU are the one who really like him. It’s effing funny! Making me fall for the person you like, stupid baby. But I’m really sorry for causing you pain because you successfully did it! You made me fall for him and I was thinking of running away with this feeling because I knew  I’m not for him.

One day you blurted it out to me and saying “yeah, you’re all right”. You told me that you visited a fortune teller and she quoted that one of your friends will be mad of you because of this thing. I am the first person who’d came up to your mind so you hastily confessed me your secret. I was not that shocked because I knew I’d guess it right.

I don’t care what’s bothering with you and your same old friends whom you told that has betrayed your trust, what matters most is that you are happy enough to forgive them with all your heart and learning their given lessons that otherwise you’ll never learned. I am happy for you that you have the wonderful courage to tell him . I guess that I don’t really have since. 🙂

Good luck baby, I’m proud of you :*

Always, Laine


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