A month before my birthday

I’m turning seventeen a month from this day and something excites me.

As a teenaged girl who’s now on college I can’t really figure out what are my purpose why I am still living up to this age . I know there are plenty but how am I going to know what are those .

In the past sixteen years of my life I went through all of struggles, pain, heartaches, stress and hard works etc. I’ve learned to survive all of those and of course learning their lessons. I’ve also known different kind of people .. rude and kind, good and bad, sweet and insensitive, humble and proud, some left but there are also who stayed by my side. But whatever happens they are all part of me and they’ve made me for what and who I am now . Even they’ve hurt me in the past I’ve learn to forgive them. I also went through all the events in my life which helped me understand what life is all about and what it has for me.

Destiny is what we make it not what is meant for us..

Yes, I do believe in destiny but I knew we can never had our “destiny” if will not work on it. But all of us must be thankful to the Lord God Almighty, everyone would not be here because of Him . He’s the one and only reason for our existence. I’ve very thankful for what I have during my past sixteen years of my life and I will be more thankful for the coming years with my new set of people I’ve met and the people I have from the past.

My deepest thanks to my wonderful friends.






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