unwanted path

Being a bachelor of science in accountancy student is not what I really wanted .

My father had an unfinished business in his field and he wanted me to finished it for him. For me it’s some kinda scary , with all those arithmetic knowledge you must obtain before you can pass through it . And I must admit ,I’m not good in that . I’m more of linguistic  than logical  person . But for my father’s sake , I entered college enrolling for that course . . besides I don’t have any choice .. I am not financially capable to pursue my own dreams.

I was used to making and following my own decision since high school. I was  stubborn, I was rude , I’m used to follow what i want . I AM A BRAT.

Then all of a sudden I am seating in a mono block chair , in front of me was a  half yard table which was only made for ACCOUNTING students.

Why am I seating here ? I’m supposed to be somewhere else . Yet there’s no way to get back. I’m now here ,what’s the sense of running back ? It’s NONSENSE .

The reason behind this was all me . I wanted my father to be somewhat be proud of me . Yes , I want them to be proud of me, like any other children felt for their parents . I want to prove them that I deserve to be appreciated , I want to be someone in their eyes . I want all recognitions I can get from them because I never had it since.

As of today , I’m not really sure if they will be proud of me .I’m such a failure . I think ,  I’m not gonna pass my accounting1 . I guess this is not yet the time that I should demand for what I wanted. But I’m pretty sure, that I can surpass this .

For now , I will be continuing my course , either way its what I’ve decided . I’m gonna be a CPA  and what I wanted I can get it 🙂




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